UPS Kutumb

Teachers With Vision and Viewpoint

Our Diligent Team

Efficient team has really been asset and entire success of Universal Public School is a combined effort of the each team member. Management of UPS feels proud to have such a staff for its students. We make every effort to help our students with extended arms.

Mrs. Sundresh

Principal, Universal Public School

For her patience and contentment, she is really gold. She not only encourages students for board exams but also prepares them for the ‘life road ahead'.

Mr. Yashpal Singh Chauhan

Administrator, NCC Officer

One of the strong pillars has reliably been the source of knowledge, inspiration and stability.

Mrs. Rohini

Vice Principal (Universal Public School) LECT. Economics

With a dynamic personality, known for, the real learning that takes place in her classes beyond textbooks. Her impact can be seen outside the classrooms in students' lives. Her encouragement can do wonders .

Mrs. Varsha

HOD English, British Counselor Coordinator

An unparalleled teacher for students. Her passion for teaching and dedication can be seen in every field. What to say for her ‘fun and engaging approach’ that makes learning interesting.

Mrs. Geeta Rana

Dr. Geeta Rana

Professor of Physics, Canada

A sweet charming personality having lots of love for children. Her valuable lessons guidance, compassion, honesty makes her a phenomenal teacher.

Mr. Dharmender Singh

HOD, Maths

A dashing personality. His intelligence, analytical thought process, dedication, methods, techniques makes learning very easy and fun filling .

Mrs. Seema Upadhyay


To work relentlessly and to think out of the box can be associated with her. Really a person with accountability.

Ms. Meenakshi

Lecturer of Commerce

A creative intelligent, sensitive friendly lecturer who is known for her knowledge and for her extraordinary work. She has been imparting quality education in Commerce since 2015.