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The academics year will be divided into two sub-sessions

First Term  –  April to September

Second Term –  October to March

Unit Tests

Evaluation will be based on Students continuous academic performance during year

Value set for unit test and examination for the final result is given below

First Term –   20+ 80 = 100

Second Term – 20 + 80 = 100

Grand Total – Term-1 +Term-2 (50% + 50% =100%)

Parents should deposit school monthly fee before 10th of every month by cash / cheque / online.

After that, Rs. 10 will be charged per day as late fee. Only valid reasons will be entertained by school office.
Fee can be deposited quarterly or yearly. If a student is paying full fee for a year at a single stretch, his / her one month fee will be exempted.

MONDAY, TUESDAY, THURSDAY, FRIDAY  Yellow shirt and Blue Nicker/ Skirt with Yellow Blue strip socks and black shoes 
WEDNESDAY House T-Shirt Lower  with House socks on white shoes 
SATURDAY  White Shirt , White Nicker /Skirt with Blue strip socks. White shoes 
MONDAY, TUESDAY, THURSDAY, FRIDAY  Yellow Shirt and Blue pant Sweater with Yellow Blue Check Jacket
WEDNESDAY House T-Shirt , Lower, Sweater, Upper of Track Suit with House socks and White Shoes 
SATURDAY  White shirt , white pant sweater , white blue strip socks, winter shoes
Class -Il to XII
MONDAY, TUESDAY, THURSDAY, FRIDAY  White shirt with blue collar , Sky blue pant / nicker/ skirt with While sky blue strip sock and black shoes.
WEDNESDAY  House T-shirt, lower with house socks and white shoes
SATURDAY  White Shirt, White Nicker/Skirt with blue strip socks, White Shoes
MONDAY, TUESDAY, THURSDAY, FRIDAY  White shirt with blue collar and Blue Pant Sweater with Woollen Grey socks Black Shoes
WEDNESDAY House T-shirt, lower , half sweater , upper of track suit with house socks and white shoes 
SATURDAY  :  White shirt, white pant, sweater blazer and neck- tie with gray socks and white shoes 
Note: It is compulsory to wear identity card for all students. Girls with long hair must tie their hair in plaits with black rubber band